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This year registration deadline is approaching fast, only 6 days left to enter the DV-2014 green card lottery.

Great news for those that want to take part in this year America Visa lottery program. The DV Lottery -2014 is now open and you can easily participate in the program.

DV Lottery is the name for the American Government's official visa lottery program, also popularly known as Green card lottery. DV Visa Lottery application form will be available only in the American Government's web site.

Indeed, If you are thinking or dreaming of getting permanent citizenship in United States and you don’t want this great opportunity to pass you by. Apply  today and ensure that you and your family don’t miss the chance to win a Green Card and turn your American dream into reality. You might be thinking of how to participate?

To take part in this Diversity Lottery program is quite simple and you can apply through US official website www.dvlottery.state.gov but the main thing is you should know about the criteria or basic requirements to participate. First requirement; you must be a native of a qualifying country and the other one you match your basic educational requirements. But If you want us to professionally apply for you click here
Every year number of people tried to enter green card lottery without any assistance and they lose their chance to win just because of mistakes they made. So avoid mistakes and Let Expy Multimedia Professionally submit your application.

Indeed, I must say that this lottery is open and you have a great chance to win American green card and turn your American dreams into reality.



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