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Why people failed at the DV Lottery interviews?

There are four main things that you have to meet to obtain the American immigrant visa under the Green card lottery program.

1. You must have successfully passed the high school education or must have the work experience with the required years.

2. Perfect Medical report. This means someone who is suffering from a communicable disease can't be issued with the American visa.

3. Security clearance. This is done by the Embassy even if you had provided the police clearance and other necessary things.

4. Provide an Affidavit of Support from an eligible person from the USA.

Further more if you are single play as a single person.

If you are a married person play the DV Lottery with your entire eligible family members.
Failure to include your eligible family members will disqualify you from the DV lottery program.

There is no need for a single person to be married to apply for the DV Lottery.

Also it is against the law for a married person to apply for himself alone.

These things when checked at the Embassy at the time of the interview will lead to the rejection of the visa application and the visa processing fee will not be returned back.

Furthermore arranged marriages by agents for the purpose of giving a visa to another person will result in the visa refusal. All the Embassies are advised by the State Department about this kind of fake marriages which takes place after the DV Lottery application period.

Provide the true original education certificate to proof your education as required by your consular office.

Your medical fitness certificate too can make you visa rejected if you didn't meet the medical requirement.

So these are the important things that can make a DV Lottery winner's visa application to be rejected. It is important for you to read the DV Lottery instructions carefully.

Re-Scheduling Your DV Lottery Interview.

Re scheduling your interview for the DV Lottery may reduce your chance of getting the much awaited U.S Immigrant visa. It is because there are annually 50,000 diversity visas only available from the American Government under this program. As all the people who are selected as DV Lottery winners don't have the required eligibility requirements to show and get the visas at the interview. Nearly 100,000 people are selected as winners each year in the draw and allowed to proceed. Each selected person will have a specially allotted case number for them. It will start from number 1 in numerical order along with their geographical region.

From October 1st, those selected people will be called for the DV visa interviews at the U.S Consular offices. Lowest case numbers will be called first and it will follow in numeric order from lower case numbers to higher case numbers till the visas exhaust or till the date of the program close officially on 30th September. Some time case numbers which are higher than 68,000 don't have chances to be called for the Interview as the allotted visas are exhausted, and further interviews will be cancelled.

So now you understand the situation in the USA visa lottery interview. If you reschedule your interview around October November you may have the chance to get the interview in time. But in the later months you will have less chance to attend the interview as this program of visa lottery serves those who comes first get the visa. It is up to you to decide on it.

In some countries you can reschedule only once and if you request for a second time you will never get response from them.

While in many other places after you get the second letter you can contact the U.S Embassy through the email or handover them a requesting letter on a working day at your Embassy and can request for a reschedule in a later date. The rescheduled date will be as per their calendar and can't be as per your wish.

After obtaining the new date for the interview you must take your visa fee along with the new interview date announcement mail on the new interview date. If you failed to do this you will not be allowed to enter in to the Embassy.

You must take care when rescheduling a new interview date; other applicants will be interviewed and will be given the Visas if they are eligible. If there are no visas to issue as they reached the limit your new interview date will go useless


DV Lottery winners must go through a medical examination before going to the interview at the embassy. The medical test should be done only by a medical practitioner recommended by the Embassy. It can't be accepted if done by any medical officer other than the ones who are named by the Embassy. The medical examination fee must be paid by the DV Lottery winner if he gets the interview notification. (This is also called as second letter.)

The correct medical examination forms (DS-2053) can be obtained from the Embassy. The doctor will require two photographs from you when you are going for the medical test.

Normally completion of the medical and all related tests will require at least one week. So be sure to schedule your medical appointment well in advance of your visa interview date.

A blood test for antibody to the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is required as a part of your medical examination.

The results of your test will be provided to a consular officer. Also, it may be necessary to report results to the health authorities in this country.

Visit the Embassy in your country or related Embassy to get the medical test, forms and information on doctors who are performing the medical test to avoid unnecessary delay in DV Lottery interview and prevent waste of money by going to the correct doctor.

Here is the typical web notice regarding the Medical test.

Once you have received an appointment letter for the immigrant visa interview, you may proceed with obtaining your medical clearance:

In order to conduct the physical examination of visa applicants in whose cases such examinations are necessitated by the United States immigration regulations, the Embassy has appointed a panel of medical practitioners whose names and addresses are given below. Please call on any one of the physicians/facilities below with two copies each of the following forms:

DS-2053 Medical examination for immigrant or refugee applicant
DS-3024 Chest X-ray and classification worksheet
DS-3025 Vaccination documentation worksheet
DS-3026 Medical history and physical examination worksheet;
(Two copies of these forms are needed for each applicant)

The forms and a copy of the chest x-ray together with serological and any other reports will be given to you to be hand carried to the Embassy on the day of your visa interview appointment.

To facilitate proper identification, the applicant is advised to produce his/her passport at the time of the examination. All fees must be borne by the examinee.

Be warned if you get any notification by Email, phone or by fax, double check them. And don't send any money by bank draft or any money transfer service.

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    1. To get in touch Pls follow this link http://www.expygroup.com/Contacts.html

  2. Can hepatitis deter an applicant from getting a visa?

    1. Hello
      There are certain illnesses which will prevent the US government from issuing a green card to someone. You can see the list of those here: http://www.cdc.gov/immigrantrefugeehealth/exams/diseases-vaccines-included.html. However, someone applying for a green card through the DV lottery must also prove that he or she is not likely to become a public charge (that is, to rely on the US government for financial or other assistance). An indivdual's health can be part of that assessment, including any medical treatment he or she needs to stay healthy.

  3. Why you talk about "Provide an Affidavit of Support from an eligible person from the USA.
    Further more if you are single play as a single person"? I've never read anything about that

  4. I won the lotery 2013 called me to interview and after 2 weeks they called me to reschedule my interview BUt they never did and now i dont have visa...

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