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Do you have any ideas, products, or services that will interest Nigerians; especially students? Then this will be a very good avenue to spread word about your business.

Your ad will appear on the front page of www.expygroup.com and on every webpage our blog site www.expymultimedia.com. Due to the limited number of spaces in this very desirable spot we are not able to offer multiple spots or larger sizes.

In a little over three years of its existence, http://www.expymultimedia.com has recorded huge web statistics in terms of visits and accesses from our ever increasing visitors across the globe. Interested advertisers can leverage this growing traffic to advertise/showcase their banner/product on our website for a period not less than 1 month

Audience profile

Most of our readers are Nigerians who landed on this blog after searching Google for various pieces of information.

Because most visits are from search engines, 60% of our visitors are new visitors. We don’t attract many repeat visitors at the moment. So, if a set of Nigerians see your advert this month, another new set of Nigerians will see it next month — which means more exposure for you advert.

Expy Multimedia websites offer exciting and affordable options of advert rates to interested advertisers. Your banner will be posted on our site rotated with other banners currently on display.
Below are some of the rate options to pick from.

Note: Special sizes and choice of placement are subject to negotiations.

We accept banners in the following format and sizes at the rate below:

Banner Size
Advert Rate
480 x 150
600 x 100
300 x 300
300 x 250
300 x 100
300 x 720
250 x 250
200 x 300

Acceptable file formats: .GIF, .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG.

File size limits: 150 KB or less for all files.


Expy Multimedia reserves the right to alter our rates, as market forces dictate.  Expy Multimedia reserve the right to refuse any ads and any ads that do not meet the basic requirements as specified above.

Click here for Conditions for Advertisement

Click  here for Expy Multimedia Advert FAQ

Click here for How to place a sponsored post
We can also create simple attractive banner/ads for you at rate of N3000

Send us your logo brief details of the advert

You will get a discount if you run your ad for 2 or more consecutive months.

You will be entitled to 1 extra week of FREE advertisement.

To place your ads, contact us via email: info@expymultimedia.com
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