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CAC – Nature of Business List

Below are list of registrable business nature or business categories your business should fall under when incorporating your business name.

Disclaimer: some of the names or items on the list have been repeated, as this is exactly how it was displayed on the CAC portal.


1. Abattoir and meat selling services

2. Accommodation

3. Accounting/auditing consultancy

4. Accounting/auditing, taxation and financial management consultancy

5. Accounting and auditing consultancy

6. Accounting and general goods delivery and merchandise movers

7. Activities auxiliary to financial services and insurance activities

8. Activities of extraterritorial organizations and bodies

9. Activities of head offices, management consultancy activities

10. Activities of households as employers of domestic personnel

11. Activities of membership organizations

12. Advertisement

13. Advertising and marketing research

14. Aeronautic engineering/consultancy

15. Agricultural engineering

16. Air transport

17. Aluminum manufacturing, works, sales and fittings

18. Ambulance services

19. Animal husbandry services

20. Apprenticeship and training services

21. Apprenticeship / training services

22. Aquarium services

23. Arbitration/mediation services

24. Architectural and engineering activities, technical testing and analysis

25. Architectural practice and consultancy

26. Art galleries, museums and monuments services

27. Artiste management and services

28. Arts, crafts and designing

29. Auctioneering services

30. Automated car wash services

31. Automobile repairs/mechanical services

32. Automobile towing services

33. Automobile/mechanical services

34. Aviary services

35. Bakery services

36. Banking and finance

37. Bar services

38. Beauty and salon services

39. Beauty pageants

40. Black smith services

41. Block industry

42. Boat and canoe construction

43. Borehole drilling and water works

44. Boutique services

45. Brewery services

46. Bricklaying. Masonry services

47. Building works

48. Bulk sms services

49. Business support/development services

50. Car wash services

51. Carpentry/upholstery services

52. Catering services

53. Chemical engineering services

54. Chemist /nursing home

55. Church

56. Church

57. Churches

58. Cinematography/ theaters services

59. Civil engineering

60. Civil engineering services

61. Cleaning /waste disposal services

62. Clearing and forwarding clinic and maternity home

63. Cobbler services

64. Cold room services

65. Commission agency

66. Community based association

67. Community based association

68. Community health center

69. Company liquidation services

70. company secretarial services

71. computer programming, consultancy and related activities

72. Construction of buildings

73. Creative, art and entertainment activities

74. Crop and animal production, Hunting and related services activities

75. Cultural based association

76. Cultural based association

77. Cultural based association

78. Curriculum Planning/development

79. Cybercafé and business center

80. Deal in General goods and manufacturers’ representatives

81. Deal in Hot drinks

82. Deal in Jewelry and accessories

83. Deal in soft drinks

84. Deal in wines, drinks and beverages

85. Dental Practices and services

86. Domestic support services

87. Driving school services

88. Dry cleaning and laundry services and industrial cleaning services or training

89. Education

90. Education

91. Educational services and consultancy

92. Electrical engineering services

93. Electrical services

94. Electricity, gas, stream and air conditioning supply

95. Employment activities

96. Employment agency

97. Energy production

98. Engineering services

99. Entertainment services

100. Environmental and landscaping services

101. Errand and home delivery services

102. Estate agency

103. Estate and facility management

104. Estate surveying and valuation

105. Event planning

106. Events management, general merchandise , wholesale and retail trade

107. Events management/planning

108. Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas

109. Farming

110. Fashion Designing/tailoring services

111. Feasibility studies

112. Film production Services

113. Financial consultancy

114. Financial services activities, except insurance and pension funding

115. Fire and safety services

116. Fish farming/aquaculture

117. Fishing and aquaculture

118. Food and beverages services activities

119. Food production and processing services

120. Forensic accounting services

121. Forestry & logging

122. Foundation based association

123. Foundation based association

124. Frozen foods services

125. Fruits/fruit juice production and sales

126. Fumigation and pest control services

127. Gambling and betting activities

128. Gardening services

129. General contract and merchandise

130. General contract

131. General merchandise

132. Geosciences services

133. Glass Works

134. Gold Smiting services

135. Graphic designing

136. Guidance and counselling services

137. Gymnasium services

138. Hardware supply

139. Hat making services

140. Honey processing

141. Horticulture services

142. Hotel and hospitality

143. Hotel reservation services

144. Hotel/ hospitality services

145. Human health activities

146. Human resources management and development services

147. Hydro electrical work

148. ICT Training and consultancy

149. Import and export of general goods

150. Industrial and safety equipment services

151. Industrial safety services

152. Industrial chemical services

153. Industrial cleaning services

154. Information service activities

155. Installation of CCTV and Allied Products

156. Insurance

157. Insurance consultancy services

158. Insurance, reinsurance & pension funding, except compulsory social security

159. Interior/exterior decoration services

160. Internet services

161. IT others

162. It others

163. Kennel services

164. Laboratory services

165. Land Transport and Transport Via pipelines

166. Laundry and dry cleaning service

167. Laundry services

168. Leather works/ Tannery services

169. Legal And accounting activities

170. Legal practice and consultancy

171. Legislative consultancy

172. Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities

173. Library services

174. Livestock feeds production and distribution

175. Livestock management services

176. Lubricant/oil services

177. Maintenance and repair of refrigerator and air condition

178. Makeup and makeover services

179. Management consultancy services

180. Manufacture of basic metals

181. Manufacture of basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical preparations

182. Manufacture of beverages

183. Manufacture of chemicals and chemical products

184. Manufacture of coke and refined petroleum products

185. Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products

186. Manufacture of electrical equipment

187. Manufacture of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment

188. Manufacture of food products d

189. Manufacture of furniture

190. Manufacture of leather and equipment N.E,C

191. Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers

192. Manufacture of other transport equipment

193. Manufacture of paper and paper products

194. Manufacture off rubber and plastic products

195. Manufacture of textiles

196. Manufacture of tobacco products

197. Manufacture of wearing apparel

198. Manufacture of wood & products of wood and cook, except furniture; manufacture

199. Manufacturer’s representation

200. Manufacturer’s representation, import, export and general merchandise

201. Manufacturing of candles and associated products

202. Manufacturing of plastic products

203. Manufacturing services

204. Marketing services

205. Mechanical works

206. Medical Laboratory services

207. Medical practice and consultancy

208. Metal works

209. Midwifery services

210. Milling and grinding services

211. Mining and grinding services

212. Mining of coal and lignite

213. Mining of metal ores

214. Mining support services activities

215. Modeling services

216. Montessori supplies

217. Montessori training

218. Mortuary and funeral services

219. Mosque

220. Mosques

221. Mosques

222. Motion picture, video and television program production, sound recording and

223. Music production

224. Network services

225. Not specified

226. Office administrative, office support & other business support services

227. Oil and gas services

228. Operate bible college

229. Operate community health care center

230. Operate computer training school

231. Operate confectionary shop

232. Operate crèche and day care

233. Operate departmental stores

234. Operate fast food outlet

235. Operate Hospital/clinic

236. Operate Islamic school

237. Operate maternity clinic

238. Operate Nursery and primary school

239. Operate restaurant and catering services

240. Operate supermarkets

241. Operate viewing center

242. Optical services

243. Organize dance class services

244. Organizing conferences

245. Organizing seminars/symposiums

246. Other manufacturing

247. Other mining and quarrying

248. Other personal services activities

249. Other professional, scientific and technical activities

250. Painting

251. Painting services

252. Panel beating/car spraying services

253. Parks and recreation services

254. Patent/medicine services

255. Pedicure and manicure services

256. Perfumery services

257. Pharmaceutical services

258. Photography services

259. Physiotherapy services

260. Physiotherapy services

261. Piggery services

262. Plant and equipment management

263. Plastic manufacturing services

264. Pluming services

265. Postal and courier activities

266. Poultry services

267. Printing and reproduction of recorded media

268. Printing press

269. Printing press

270. Private equity fund

271. Production and distribution of renewable energy

272. Production and sale of polythene bags

273. Production and sale of bottled and packaged water

274. Production and sale of cooking or edible oil

275. Production and sale of tiles and ceramic products

276. Production and sales of footwear

277. Production, supply, sale and installation of electrical and electronic equipment

278. Production/sales of ceramics and tiles

279. Programming and broadcasting activities

280. Project management services

281. Property development services

282. Property management services

283. Public administration and defense; compulsory social security

284. Public convenience services

285. Public relation services

286. Publication of law reports and journals

287. Publishing activities

288. Quantity surveying

289. Radio and television services

290. Radiography and general body language services

291. Rail and tram services

292. Real estate services

293. Recycling services

294. Remediation activities and other waste management services

295. Rental and leasing activities

296. Rental services

297. Repair and installation of machinery and equipment

298. Repair of computers and personal and household goods.

299. Residential care activities

300. Restaurant

301. Retail trade, except of motor vehicle and motorcycles

302. Road transportation services

303. Safety equipment services

304. Sale and distribution of textile materials

305. Sale and manufacturing cosmetics

306. Sale and manufacturing of carpets

307. Sale and production of foot wears

308. Sale and supply of cameras, projectors, and photography accessories

309. Sale of agricultural produce

310. Sale of agricultural tools, machine and allied products

311. Sale of animals

312. Sale of automobile spare parts

313. Sale of computer, laptops, printers, photocopies and their accessories

314. Sale of diary products

315. Sale of engineering equipment, machinery and other hardware

316. Sale of fire and safety equipment

317. Sale of groceries

318. Sale of mobile phones and accessories

319. Sale of motor vehicle, motorcycles and other automobile products

320. Sale of petroleum products

321. Sale of sim cards credit/recharge cards

322. Sale of sport equipment

323. Sale of telecommunication accessories

324. Sale of veterinary equipment and drugs

325. Sale/distribution of petroleum products

326. Sales and supply of Hospital optical and laboratory equipment

327. Sales and supply of iron seals and metals

328. Sales of automobiles and spare parts

329. Sales of books and stationaries

330. Sawmilling services

331. Scientific research and development

332. Sea transport

333. Security and investigation activities

334. Service to building and landscape activities

335. Sewerage

336. Social clubs based association

337. Social clubs based association

338. Social clubs based association

339. Social work activities without accommodation

340. Software development

341. Software development, web design and intranet development

342. Solar energy

343. Spa treatment services

344. Specialized construction activities

345. Sport activities and amusement and recreation activities

346. Sport promotion services

347. Sporting based association

348. Sporting based association

349. Sporting based association

350. Steal works services

351. Stress management services

352. Student admission placement services

353. Supply and distribution of general goods

354. Supply of hardware

355. Supply of unskilled labor

356. Supply, sale and distribution of building materials

357. Supply, sales and services of solar equipment and inverters

358. Tax consultancy

359. Teachers recruitment

360. Technical services

361. Telecommunications

362. Textile services

363. Town planning services

364. Trading

365. Traditional medicine

366. Travel agency

367. Travel agency, tour operator and other reservation services and related activities

368. Truck and haulage services

369. Undifferentiated goods-and services –producing activities of private households

370. Unspecified

371. Upholstery and furniture making

372. Veterinary activities

373. Veterinary services

374. Video cd rental services

375. Vocational education and training services

376. Vulcanizing services

377. Warehousing and support activities for transportation

378. Waste collection, treatment and disposal activities: material recovery

379. Water collection treatment and supply

380. Water transport

381. Waterproofing

382. Welding services

383. Wheel balancing and alignment services

384. Wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles

385. Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicle and motorcycle

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