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Why you need to get the JAMB Original Result Slip: To get the Original

There has been heavy controversies surrounding if one should get the Original Jamb Result Slip or use the previous Jamb Result Notification Print Out. So we're here to clarify the issue of whether to get the original one or not to.

The difference between the original one and the notification Printout is that the original one contains additional details about the candidate such as passport photograph, date of birth and address. Again, it actually looks more prestigious and organized than the ordinary result notification slip.

According to a Jamb Official we spoke to, he says "JAMB is not stupid to have created an avenue to get the original result slip. The Original result slip with the candidate's passport is the only valid result slip document for admission processing and schools will definitely demand for it".

Which one will my school of choice demand for?
This question however, can only be answered when the school is ready to conduct their Post-UTME examination. What we always advise is for you to stay on the safer side because Admission Processes can only be done once a year. If at any point or for any reason, you miss your admission this year due to avoidable circumstances, that's it till next year.

Possible Consequences if your school demands the original
Every school publicises that candidates come along with or upload their "Jamb Result Slip" for Post-UTME Screening. Unfortunately they don't display a sample of the documents they mean so When the school demands a document, they definitely mean the Original and so they reserve the right to turn down any document that they don't deem as original. The ultimate outcome if this happens is that you will be turned back on that very exam day.

Because of the sheer number of candidates that apply for admission, schools tend to screen out even candidates with the slightest fault. As always, we like to stand in the "fulfill all righteousness" zone to avoid "Had I known". 

If you need help concerning JAMB original result; Please don’t hesitate to contact us or whatsapp 08080085555

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