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How To Strategically Build Your Brand on Social Media

Social media marketing is becoming extremely popular but to do it right in order to successfully market a business is not well known. Why? Because success strategies are getting more and more natural instead of technical.

Social Media Culture: Technical SEO Tricks Using Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be used as a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy but guess what? It’s not working like it did even months ago. SEO technical tricks at social media sites were designed to just get a link back to your website from a really cool site, meaning a high traffic site.

But the culture changed at social media [http://internetmlm.squarespace.com/social-media-marketing/] sites. So not only did the search engines catch on, so did all your “new friends.” Now it’s not as cool to be so technical.

Did you know that search engines can now, very easily tell, if you are being sociable or just technical? Yep. For example, if all Google sees in our interaction online at these social networking sites is for the most part, links back to our own stuff, it’s not pretty. Google simply begins to ignore all your “linked in” stuff.

Here’s what I mean. If all you do is leave a bunch of comments in forums like “Good point. I agree! Visit me at xxxx.com and learn more!” then you better stop doing that.

Yes, once upon a time not too long ago, getting that click to link back to your site was a great idea. Especially from high traffic sites like Facebook and Betternetworker,etc. You could raise your website’s page ranking like that in no time! But don’t do it now. Things have changed.

Natural Social Media Marketing

Just be yourself. Be strategic in where to be you. That’s important. Hang out where your target market hangs out. Pay much more attention to what everyone is talking about, after all these are your prospects, your potential customers or your next business partners. What do they want? What do they need?

Give them information, make genuine comments, add value to the social media site with articles about those very topics – what people there want and what they need. Don’t even add your link(s) for a month. Just be sure they are in your profile.

Some people, plenty of them, will like the real you. They will check out your profile and naturally want to look at your website.

Brand Yourself, Not Your Website

Social media marketing of yourself is being called SEO 2.0 because it is becoming so powerful with the search engines. In the “eyes” of Google and other search engines, an incredible amount of page ranking is based on how sociable you really are online. If SEO stayed technical, we would all get a little upset with the search engines if they brought us to junk online.

The reason Google is so successful is because they pay attention to what we want and need. When we search using Google, rarely are we taken to junk on the first 10 pages.

Don’t add anything but quality at social media sites and watch – your website will be on page one of Google. Why? Because your friends in your social media network will make that happen!

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