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Why can't I pay online successfully?

Payments by credit card may fail for reasons, including authorization and fraud prevention systems. If you have trouble making payment using your credit card, we suggest contacting your credit card issuer directly.
Useful information for credit card payments:

1) Currently, Most Schools only accept payment via personal Visa or MasterCard Credit Card (excluding company issued credit cards)

2) Ensure your card issuer supports and has activated your 3-D Secure Code (Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code). The Verified by Visa or MasterCard Secure Code is not the short numeric code printed on the back of the card. If you have not activated your 3-D Secure Code yet, please contact your card issuer to activate this service

3) Please ensure there are sufficient funds in your credit card to cover payments

4) Always double check payment information before you proceed with any transaction
Was this page helpful? If not, Contact Us If you want us to help you pay online

We offer Help Me Pay service or make payments on behalf of our Clients/Students that want to make Online payment or pay their School Acceptance / Tuition fees online.

Nb- Do your due diligence on any product you want buy or site you want to pay to as we take no responsibility once we take instructions from you for help me pay service.Thanks

1) Send us the site and product/service/bill you want to pay for through this form. If you paying for School fee or acceptance fee. That mean you must have created a username and password, Supply your login details through this form

2) We then respond by telling you the cost implication in naira and how to pay us through Bank/ATM transfer.

3) After payment then you need to notify us through this form. Click here so you can send us your payment notification.

4) Once payment is confirmed in our bank account we make the payment for you and send you the product via email.

5) If you want any physical product let us know as the shipping charge will be included for you. Thanks.

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