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  A Guide To Computer Literacy
Getting Know Computers
 This is an introductory computer and Internet literacy course designed for those with little or no prior computer background. It will cover the essential skills areas; operation and use of computers and software; the capabilities and limitations of computers; and their impact on your personal life and society. Read More
By: Expy Multimedia
Price: ₦ 1,500
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How to Blog Build Reputation & Traffic And Make Money from Blogs
This e-book shows how ordinary people like you make money and gain respect on the internet. In the pages of this e-book, you will find guides on how you can create a blog and build your reputation and traffic for profit and fame. Read more
By: Expy Multimedia
Price: ₦ 2,500
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A Practical Guide on How To Import from China
You can start importation of goods from China without leaving your room without sending money via any third party.
Thinking of starting a small business, renovating, building or operating a large company, Importing from China allows you to leverage your money better, and for some being able to enter into the market place when they wouldn’t normally be able to. There are many opportunities to be had with products made in china, Chinese manufacturers can make from buttons to bulldozers, but how do you Import from China and take advantage of this great opportunity?
By: Expy Multimedia
Price: ₦ 2,100
How Find Your Dream Job and Make it a Reality
Solutions for a meaningful and rewarding careerIn this e-book, you go through the process of applying for a job the right way. The tips on how you can boost your chances of getting any job you apply for. And common mistakes by job seekers that kill their chances of getting the jobs they apply for. Read more
By: Expy Multimedia
Price: ₦ 2,000
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