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Jiji: people selling to people

If you wonder whether it is possible to find a universal shopping spot, where you’ll be able to buy everything you need, exists, it really does. And it has a simple name – Jiji. Being the biggest classifieds website in Nigeria allows to offer more than a simple online store. The selection is huge, and convenience is undeniable.

Jiji is a market – a web market, which discovered how to use all benefits of the Internet technologies for improving shopping in general. Here anyone can become a seller without even renting a counter. All you need is to sign in and post an ad, and you can do it for free. After that, all that’s left is to wait for someone who will like your offer and decides to contact you.

All users on Jiji are real people. Jiji itself is a platform for interaction between them. It doesn’t sell anything, because this service is not an online shop. It resembles a social network for sellers and buyers, where they can communicate directly with each other. The absence of shopping assistants helps to make every deal easier and keep the prices low.

On the website, you can see a wide variety of goods for taking care of your look. Besides makeup items, there are, for example, Bath & Body products. To find what you need, you can post a name in a search line. In case you have a lot of spare time, scan the complete list of offers. There are also helpful tags which can remind you what you need. Click on some of them and get as precise list of ads as it is possible.

Jiji is widely used and known for its convenience and security. It is the best website for shopping in Nigeria with 530,000 active ads and 10,000,000 monthly visitors. You are the next to join. Some presents for bath and your body can be a good start.

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