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How To Choose The Land For Purchase?

Want to buy the land and don’t know how to start? There are several options!

The first way - the pay the realtor. In this case, he can offer a "point" views (a few pre-selected options, corresponding to your requirements) and "exploratory" views. In this case, the tour takes place on all objects from realtor's list, except obviously unsuitable (by the price, the location, the type of area and so on). Each of these two types of views have their pros and cons. In the case of a "point" it is easy to miss an object, described simply "not attracted" to the buyer, and in fact that is what you are looking for. The advantage of this option is time saving. At the "exploratory" views you have significant temporary losses, and plus - your own, a comprehensive overview of all existing offers on the market.

Or, you can visit Jiji and in few hours look the almost all propositions in desirable region!

Sellers are interested to provide all the information about their land - just in the case, that if buyer will come to see the land, he can refuse of purchase! Buying land will take less time - you can see all the ads and chose few you are really interested in!

Now, about what to look for when viewing.

According to experts, when choosing a land in the first place, buyer should be guided by direction and distance. Direction must be unloaded, have a good transport accessibility, quality roads and a good environment. As for cleanliness, it is possible to learn about it from the so-called ecology maps, which indicate most unfortunate places to live (former and existing landfills, animal burial, cemetery, etc.).

Then begins the second phase - to view of specific features.

And it is important to pay attention not only on the place itself, but also on what surrounds it. And you also to keep in mind the realities of our laws ... So, for example, is certainly nice when on the land grow trees. But we must remember that you are not able to purchase the forest to property. Restrictions also have areas, adjacent to bodies of water: according to the legislation, land can not be closer than 150 meters from the water. Compliance with these rules is strictly controlled by the authorities, so this acquisition may result in at least a headache, and at worst, loss of money.

What else you need to pay attention to?

First and foremost, of course, on the status of the plot: if all documents are in order, what is the purpose of land, whether it is possible to formalize ownership. It is also important physical characteristics of the soil on the site: you are unlikely appreciate the soil, which will not grow even lawn grass.

Choose location

Another aspect - the availability of communications. It is important to know whether the electricity and water are suppliedto the land, or you have to do it by yourself. If not, how far are these communications from your land? So, with regard to water, its supply to the house can be from a collective (city, village plumbing, cooperative artesian wells), or individual source (well).
As for the region in general, you should be interested in the possibility of a centralized garbage collection and delivery of mail as well as municipal service of roads and the availability of hospitals, shops, post office, beaches etc.

Concluding assessment of the selected land, ask the current situation and future plans of urban development of the area where it is located. Is your future property in a security zone, near the high-voltage transmission lines or railroad tracks? Better to find out everything at once than face a refusal of house building or farming.

In short, choosing a land, do not neglect the little things, because it is from them will depend the quality of your life.

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