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Henceforth, information from the West African Examination Council (WAEC) will now be used to effect changes on the NYSC portal, and you can achieve this with WAEC verification pin?


What is WAEC verification pin?

WAEC verification pin is a pin that allows prospective corps members to correct the wrong date of birth. It allows users to match their date of birth on their WAEC results.


Where can I get WAEC verification pin?

WAEC Verification pin can be purchased online from us at Expy Shopthe WAEC Verification online pin will be delivered to you instantly without stress at the comfort of your home or office. The pin can also be purchase at any First Bank nearest to you.


Procedure is as follows:


i.          Login to your dashboard and click on the link to Date of Birth

ii.         Enter WAEC Verification PIN, select WAEC Type, Year of exam and enter your Examination Number

iii.        Click on Verify button

iv.        Click SUBMIT or CANCEL


How do I correct the wrong course of study?

This can also be corrected from your dashboard, follow the steps below;

1.    Login to your dashboard at the NYSC portal using your registered email and password.

2.    Click on “Correction of Course of Study” link

3.    Select the right “Course of Study”

4.    Click “SUBMIT”

Prospective Corps member can now buy WAEC VERIFICATION PIN online at affordable price from Expy Multimedia shop. PCMs searching for where to purchase PIN for WAEC VERIFICATION PIN online can now reliably get it from Expy Shop.


How to buy and view your PIN in an instant

Before you get started you’ll need to log in or register to purchase Exam result checker or registration PIN.

1. Go to 
2. Log in or register, click the ‘
Exams Scratch Cardstab, then click on the “Image of the PIN you want to buy”
3. To order for PIN click the “Add to Shopping Cart” button on the item’s product detail page.
4. Click the “checkout” button. You will be taken to the first page of the order form.
5. You can pay with a debit card, paypal or transfer funds into any of accounts.
6. Once your transaction has been confirmed, your PIN will be sent to your registered email address or 
click here to view your PIN(s).

It’s faster and stress free!



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