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Why and What is Industrial Attachment in Nigerian Educational system?

Industrial Attachment in Nigeria Industrial attachment also refers to IT is a form of work experience students should get from industries or companies after they have completed major theoretical part of their program. It is a hand-on-experience on what you have learned in school and on how to work together as a team in real world.

Industrial attachment or IT is part of Nigerian higher education system thus it is mandated that before a student is accorded a degree in any higher institutions in Nigeria, the student must have completed an industrial attachment and obtain an equivalent credit point. The period allocated to industrial attachment varies from programmes and duration of programmes but in essence it takes three months to one year.

University students in Nigeria are qualify for industrial attachment in their second to final year of their academic programme while in polytechnics, it is one year after two year of Ordinary National Diploma (OND) study period.

There are many situations even after a student is done with his or her industrial attachment in a private establishment, his or her services will be retained. It can be through mutual agreement between those parties and the students will be afforded some time to complete his or her studies.
Do not think about money first or set a target on how much you want to make during your industrial attachment? It will help you in future if you focus on what you will learn and the network you will build. The experience will definitely make you are better person in your career plan and employment opportunities.

There are many ways you can make your industrial attachment fruitful. As a beginner, there is need to have passion and burning desire in learning how to do things within your study line. Do not feel shy about asking questions and let the experience staff teach you what you do know.

Take as many challenges as you deem fit, expose yourself in different areas within the establishment, and learn how to communicate effectively with your colleagues or customers.

The most difficult step for Nigerian students is finding the best way to secure a place for their industrial attachment. Yes we all know how difficult it can be but do not indulge or wallow yourself in blaming game. Yes, our government has failed us, everybody has failed you and the system is corrupt but it is your life. You can only do something meaningful with your life only when you take absolute control of your life. Re-write the wrongs in your life, be focus and determine; set a path and walk alone it and you will surely get there.

After every year, Federal government pays a little stipend for students who have documented prove that they have completed their industrial attachment. The proof can be a letter from the establishment where you did your industrial attachment with approved IT report.  Remember, some universities grade IT report from your industrial attachment and others have a presentation where each student presents his or her IT journey within the given period.

Though the underlining principles of industrial attachment in Nigeria are being shaken but if followed and implemented in the right way and more so every student has the opportunity to be part of it, it will help us groom graduates with little experience and ready for work after graduation.

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