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Nigerian National Social Housing Programme (NSHP) | nshp.gov.ng

Applications are now open for The National Social Housing Programme (NSHP) via https://nshp.gov.ng/ Portal which is the housing component of the President Muhammadu Buhari Economic Sustainability Plan to deliver affordable housing and millions of jobs for Nigerians.


The National Social Housing Programme (NSHP) will allow you own a home, as an individual or part of a cooperative with as low as ₦2,000,000 only. With the NSHP, you can become a homeowner in any part of Nigeria easily! Beta house, beta life for everybody!

Nigerian National Social Housing Programme (NSHP) Criteria | nshp.gov.ng


·         Be a Nigerian citizen.

·         Be over 18 years of age.

·         Have a valid national identity card.

·         You must then complete your profile by submitting your personal details, housing preferences (the type of house you are applying for), etc.

·         Show a reliable income


What is the structure of the homes?


The NSHP homes are built with good quality materials, with adequate spacing and the necessary facilities for decent living. These apartments are detached and sit on at least 250sqm, which can be extended at minimal cost.

Where are these homes built?


The houses will be built in all states in Nigeria including the FCT. To reach the grassroot, low-income members of the public will be informed as new projects are built. This is also to allow you choose your preferred location.

How long will it take for me to get an allocation?


Once the land/location as well as the list of beneficiaries for the specific location have been finalised, arrangements for allocation in that location can begin.

Who do I talk to if I have a problem?


The portal provides an easy-to-access platform which allows you monitor the status of your application at every stage. Additional support is also provided through the help centre.


Here are some of the offers we would be making available for aspiring home owners throughout Nigeria.


    2-Rooms (1 Bedroom House) for ₦2,000,000

    3-Rooms (2 Bedroom House) for ₦2,750,000

    4-Rooms (3 Bedroom House) for ₦3,500,000

    Easy payment options with the LOWEST INTEREST rates nationwide.


How to Apply for nshp.gov.ng |National Social Housing Programme (NSHP)


We have put in place a seamless process in three simple steps


    Apply via https://nshp.gov.ng/




Show interest as an Organized Group/Cooperative.


Show interest as an Individual.


Partnership- for Nigerian developers and Producers.


For more Information, visit National Social Housing Programme (NSHP) | nshp.gov.ng.

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