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How To Avoid Been Among The 50k Npower Batch C1 Applicants To Be Dropped

It is no longer news that the management of the Npower programme has Shortlisted 550,000 Qualified Applicants for 500,000 slots for the first stream of batch C Recruitment. However, 50,000 Applicants out of the 550000 will not get to the promised land ( ie, will be drop out). So who are these Applicants that will be dropped?


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The N-Power management has already contacted all the 550,000 Shortlisted Applicants via email. In the email received, it is stated that failure to do your biometrics fingerprint verification will lead to disqualification.

So to avoid been among the 50,000 who will be drop along the line, you must be free from the following things:

1) You must have followed instructions carefully and Successfully enrolled for the Biometrics fingerprint verification.

2) You must not be working in any other government establishment.

3) Your uploaded credentials must be authentic. That means you must be the valid owner.

If you are free from all these, then you are good to go. (Except your village people are after you )


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