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What You Must Do If You Applied For Any FG Fund

Today, we will be discussing What You Must Do If You Applied For Any FG Fund because we want you to get the support that you seek rather than losing it. So read on!

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Some of you who applied for the Federal Government fund such as the Covid-19 tcf loan, NYIF, AGSMEIS, applied with a student bank account which is not capable of receiving a huge sum of money, as such if your fund is approved and deposited into your account it will bounce back.

So, if you applied for any FG fund, make sure your bank account is in order and can accept more than 250k. Do not use student account and likes when applying for Covid 19 Palliative Loan and NYIF and likes. You can always go to your bank and upgrade your account before using it for an FG fund application.

All indication shows that some of the Covid 19 loans were approved but not paid and many of them fell under inappropriate account type.

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