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How To Fix "Transaction Failed/Error Message" Issues On NASIMS

Lots of Npower Batch C applicants have been worried on the "transaction failed", "something went wrong", "error message, multiple attempts reached" ecsetera.

Please if you are an Npower Batch C applicant facing all these error prompts, you should not get yourself bothered, it is just the webpage trying to control traffic congestion, just try it much later.

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As we speak there is no deadline for the downloading and printing of the deployment letter, even NASIMS are aware of all this glitches, just exercise patience, it is normal for the website to behave in the manner you are experiencing when over 500,000 Npower Batch C applicants are trying to gain access to the NASIMS portal at the same time.


Yes, one will say that you have to resume within 3 days, please the 3 days of resumption is after you have been appraised by your supervisor, your assigned supervisor will still go through your documents, it is after your documents have been evaluated and certified okay, before you resume, before resumption an Npower Batch C Volunteer will have to upload either his or her acceptance or rejection letter to the Npower NASIMS portal.

After the upload of the acceptance letter you will be entitled to payment, without uploading the acceptance form, you will not be paid.


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