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Need Help Paying School Fees online?

You’ll find advice on how to make secure payments to MAPOLY on this page, including installment plans and guidance.

It’s that time of the year again when you start paying your school fees. As you already know, any payment in MAPOLY is made online, payments are not accepted in cash at any office or bank. You know the school fees is more expensive than the registration and acceptance fee, so this time around you have to be careful more with who you give your money to help you with online payments. Below is a sad story that happened last year;

A mass communication student met a guy at the gate and gave him her school fee. The guy told her to wait at the gate while he goes to the bank to pay, that was the last she saw of him.

I don’t want something like this to happen to any student so I will be writing safety precautions to take when paying your school fees and how to verify if your school fee has actually been paid.

There are three types of people who assist with online payments in MAPOLY; the shop owners, the students and the non student street guys.

Out of the three categories of people I mentioned, do not patronize the non student street guys. They are not students of MAPOLY, they do not have a shop, it is very easy for them to vanish into thin air with your money because no one has any valid information about them. A shop owner is easier to locate because at least few people around his shop would know where he lives or his whereabouts. 

If you are paying through a shop owner like Expy Multimedia, the normal process is to drop or transfer the money with him or her and wait to collect your receipt and print out.

If you are paying through a student, ask for the student’s full name and matric no, you may also ask for his student identity card to confirm.

You can contact Expy Multimedia on 08080085555 or 08118882667. Don’t let anyone dupe you of your school fees.

Do you have any questions? ask them now in the comment section below, we are eager to answer your questions.

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