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Affidavit of support; Sponsor for DV Lottery Winner.

Affidavit of support or sponsor means the same in terms for the DV Lottery program. In the recent years the USA visa lottery rules had changed as per the DV Lottery instructions. 

Specially the winner when he is going for the interview to obtain the US Immigrant visa must have to provide one affidavit of support through the form of I-134 along with the supporting documents. The I-134 form should be signed by the petitioner. Otherwise there is a chance for the visa to be refused.

So who is this petitioner? This is the person who is going to give you financial assistance and the other kind of assistance if you need them while you are living in the U.S.A as a LPR holder. In some other countries this person is called as sponsor. In the recent time U.S State Department had made compulsory and requires all the DV lottery winners and their dependants to have an American sponsor to help them from becoming a public charge while the DV winner is in the USA. The sponsoring person must be an USA citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident in the USA. The sponsor must use the affidavit of support form I-134 and must to be sworn in front of an authorized official as described in the instructions. The petitioner must have enough income or financial resources in the USA and must provide the supporting documents too. There is no filling fee for the form I-134.
Copy of the duly filled and signed affidavit of support form may be provided by the Diversity Visa lottery winner to the Consulate officer on the day of his/her interview. Those who don’t have a sponsor may show proof of their assets and bank balances to proof that they won’t become a public charge while they are living in the USA. Also they can pre arrange a job in the USA to take that job once they reach the USA. Any how the final decision on whether to issue the visa or refuse it will be decided by the Consular officer at the time of the interview after viewing all the documents. Failure to meet this Sponsorship requirement may result in the refusal of the winner's visa. It is better to contact your Embassy or Consulate and ask their requirements regarding this sponsorship before you attend the visa lottery interview.
According to the instruction available in the internet from the State Department I-134 from should be used. (One African country consular office instructs to use the I-864.)
The Sponsor/Petitioner: may need the following things.
Proof of citizenship or status in the United States
Notarized affidavit of support (I-134 Form)
Federal Income tax return (1040 Form) for the most recent tax year
W-2 Form for the most recent tax year
It is better to contact your Embassy or Consulate in your country and ask them about their requirements regarding this sponsorship.
Failure to meet this Sponsorship requirement may result in the refusal of the winner's visa.

To get I-134 form copy and paste this Link http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/I-134.pdf

If you don't have a petitioner/sponsor then you must proof to the interviewing consular officer that you have enough funds to take with you to the U.S.A .The consular officer will decide whether you can be issued with the visa or not, after himself reviewing your financial report which you can provide on the day of the interview. The consular officer’s decision will be the final.
Be warned if you get any notification by Email, phone or by fax, double check them. And don't send any money by bank draft or any money transfer service.

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