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DV Lottery Interview.

DV lottery interviews will start on 1st of October each year. Those who had applied for the DV Lottery and selected as winners for the program and had submitted the required forms and photos to the KCC are eligible to get the DV lottery interview.

Interview letter which is also called as second letter containing the date and time of your interview will come by normal post to your given address 4/6 weeks prior to your interview date.

This you can check in the visa bulletin where they publish advance notice for those case numbers which are going to be current in the coming months.
DV Lottery winners who have got their personal case number and had sent their duly filled forms along with the required photos will be called for interview from 1st of October according to their case number order. The lower case numbers will be called first and will continue in order till the visa exhaust or till the program close officially on 30th September. If you are going for the interview, you must read carefully the web site of the US Embassy in your country or contact the US Embassy in your country or the one which is looking after your country's interests and it may be located in another country near to yours.

If you are ready for the visa interview, you must make the following things ready for the consular officer to check at the interview. If everything is perfect only you will get the required American visa otherwise it will be refused and you will loose your visa fees too.

1. You must have made your Police clearance record according to the instructions of the US Embassy in your country.
2. You must have finished the Medical check up's at a place which is recommended by the US Embassy in your country.
3. Must be ready to pay for the Visa and DV processing fee according to the US embassy instructions where you are going to be interviewed. (Normally US$ ­330 is to be paid on the date of the interview. The fee can be paid in local currency, but must follow the Embassy’s method of payment instructions.)

4. Original of your high school certificate which must be obtained from your country’s education ministry or from the correct authorities. In Nigeria, the embassy wants a scratch card for to check the result online. In Sri Lanka, the embassy ask the winner to apply for the issuance of high school certificate from the education ministry and the applicant must hand over the collect card to the embassy at the time of the interview.

5. A passport of yours which must be valid for more than 6 months and with enough blank pages.
If it is necessary translate the necessary documents in English and at the time of the interview provide all the translation along with the original ones.
If you have any dependants take them also to the interview, be prepared for to pay their visa fees too.

Don’t try to provide fake documents this will lead to visa refusal and also convicted under your country law.
If you got a new born baby in between the time after sending the forms to KCC, take a photograph of the baby and its birth certificate copy and send them to the KCC with your file number if you didn't receive the interview mail. In the mean time email your local US embassy regarding the baby, if you got the interview letter. Be prepared with the photo, birth certificate and visa fee of the baby to present on the date of interview.
If you don't know how to fill the forms get assistance from true consultants like Expy Multimedia or lawyers and don't forget to fill their names and address as who has assisted you in the filling of the form.

Be warned if you get any notification by Email, phone or by fax, double check them. And don't send any money by bank draft or any money transfer service.

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