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New: Twitter brings customised embeddable tweets

Twitter is making it easier to display, embed, and interact with tweets in blog posts and websites. The ability to plant a whole Twitter stream has been around for a while, but the new “embedded timelines are built on a new infrastructure” that’s more Web friendly, reports say.
The stream of tweets can be selected by hashtag, handle, favourites, lists, and more, and the display customized by height, size, and colour.
The code-wary needn’t fret–the entire configuration takes place through drop-down menus in the “Widgets” section of your Twitter profile settings. Twitter then spits out a line HTML code which can be copied and pasted onto a page, like the sharing code of a YouTube video.
Twitter’s recently been upsetting partners who use its API with the limits and restrictions it has planned. This embedded Twitter stream however is “not subject to traditional Twitter API rate limits,” Twitter notes in its Developers Blog, and also that the stream is “designed to scale with your site as your traffic and audience grows.”

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