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First of all, the US government does not charge any fees for entry into the Diversity Visa Lottery. That's why, a great number of people lose their chances to win because they didn't submit their application correctly.

We charge a modest service fee, and work closely with our clients to make sure they have 100% correct applications, and there is no possibility they can be disqualified. If you really want to immigrate to the US, we give you the best possible chances.

Application Preparation and Review: After you complete the American Visa Lottery Application form, we personally review your application for strict compliance with the guidelines. If your application requires additional attention we will notify you through SMS or by e-mail.

Photograph: We personally use digital camera to take your picture, after we receive your application form and photograph, we again review further your application and photograph for accuracy, completeness and compliance with the guidelines.

Application Submission: We carefully assemble your error-free application and photograph and summit them in an electronic format.

Our pledge to you: Expy Multimedia guarantees that your application will be error-free and submitted on time.

Visit https://www.expymultimedia.com to apply

If you need help concerning DV lottery; Please don’t hesitate to contact us or whatsapp +234 808 008 5555
For the latest DV lottery news and reviews, follow Expy Multimedia on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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