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Reasons Expy Multimedia is not accepting DV lottery applications online

  • When submitting your application online, it will be very hard for us to know you've done it right, that’s why our expert staffs are here to assist you at every step.
  • Approximately half of the applications we receive online have errors which would result in immediate disqualification.  That’s why we prefer to work carefully with our clients to correct these.
  • About 70% of photos we initially receive online do not meet DV Lottery standards and if submitted would cause the application to be thrown out. That’s why we personally use digital camera to take your passport photograph and make sure the photos submitted for every client are completely standard and could not be rejected for any reason.
The Diversity Visa Lottery is a random draw, so we cannot guarantee you will be selected, but we can guarantee that by using our services you will have the best possible chances. Expy Multimedia is a name you can trust

For more information on how to apply please visit http://expygroup.com/Apply%20For%20DV%20Lottery.html

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