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Be noticeable at work - the career tips

In trying to meet the monthly deadlines and in the process of completing the pending projects we- as urban youth, have completely ignored the professional way we decided to pursue our careers when we were in college. Needless to say that discipline and strategic work management take professionals sooner up the corporate ladder; hence few things are required to be followed throughout our professional journey to make ensure that we aptly evolve as professionals.

Let’s see few career-tips that are required to be followed in order to stand out of the crowd and get recognized:

1. Be proactive in taking initiatives - One should grab every opportunity that comes one’s way to show dedication towards organization. To get noticed and get on the boss’ good books one should take extra initiatives and stretch a little. Taking initiatives are always considered a good gesture and never goes unnoticed.

2. Speak your mind, but politely - It’s very important to come out of the mode of a mute observer after few months, once you realize that you are ready to take challenges and aptly understand the business. Instead of just showing your interest in a discussion one should speak their minds out. It would be appreciated as long as one does so in a polite, professional and constructive way.

3. Know your co-workers; a personal touch really matters - To make a long term relationship it is important to know who you work with personally, especially the important things about them their likes and dislikes and things that matter to them and people those who matter to them. Additionally, calling the support staff by their names and not shouting at them from one corner of the floor also displays your etiquettes and give you an added personal edge advantage.

4. Don’t find flaws, come up with solutions - Giving opinions are fine however one needs to take care of it that the overall contribution remains positive. Picking mistakes come real easy however; giving solutions to the issues is something that management appreciates.

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