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How to survive your IT Job in 2013 ?

It’s that time of the year when we take our New Year resolutions as the Year- 2013 has just started. We all are almost done with the situation analysis phase and hopefully ready with the plans for the coming months now. The year 2012, in IT industry was a difficult year and 2013 would not be a cakewalk either.

There are always things left undone, with all the strategies in place. Let us have a look at few things that are required to get your work completed strategically.

Curb out the dreaded tasks - Do not want to work night shifts? Come out of that job today! It simply means in case you do not feel good about doing something and your work does not fulfills your creative hunger, may be you are not a ‘work-in-shifts’ person, it’s time you decide to change the place or the just stop doing all the things hanging on the top of your head.
Once you are out of these dreadful situations in workplace, you are sure to feel more satisfied and you will actually enjoy your work.

Shrink all distractions - Time management is a better way to reduce the piled-up work pressure on your head. Many tensions just go out of your cubicle, simply by managing your work properly, besides it gives you job satisfaction as well.
Mainly, your 9 hours get screwed because of the unnecessary distractions, like - social networking, personal phone calls/ telemarketer calls, colleagues moving in your bay or cubicle at their own wish.
Some of the distractions can be reduced by simply making minor adjustments here and there, like putting your mobile phones on a voice mail according to the work you are doing, try wearing your headsets which will give an impact that you might be listening to a webinar and others will not walk-in, just to share another office gossip.

Come out of your self-pity mode - get the facts right! - You think you are at the worst workplace ever run, your boss is devil incarnate and your job is the worst job in the world. Well its time you start taking things more positively. The reality is that there are places even worse than your current workplace.
One of the best ways to get over with this is to share it with close friends and laugh on the issues. It will not only reduce the pressure and stress but also will give your new strength to combat even the worst situations of your workplace.

Make your living worthwhile - If you have started feeling lately that your work doesn’t matter much to others, then it’s time you should try making a difference somewhere else. You can do many things to make it worth, like - making minute contributions at some NGO, to just teach poor children in weekends or may be simply you can donate your blood.

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