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Check NECO Result now at mynecoexams.com

Well, if you are looking for your NECO result at the NECO result checker at nigeriaexams.com, then you are looking in the wrong place. NECO has now put their result checker application within the same domain name used for registration. So, if you want to check your current NECO result from now on (2011 and possibly beyond), you should use NECO result checker application located at
. Good luck.

Note that you may still require to use the old result checker for older result (pre 2011).

Steps to Check 2013 June/July NECO Result
  1. Go to NECO result checking portal at http://www.mynecoexams.com/results/
  2. Select year Examination Type
  3. Select year of examination
  4. Enter your card PIN number
  5. Enter your Examination Number
  6. Click on “Check My Result” button to finally see your result.

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