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Nigeria Becomes Ineligible For The DV-2015 Lottery.

The next lottery year 2015 which commences from October 1st 2013, Nigerians will not be able to partake in the randomly selected 55000 Diversity Winners (DV) cutting across eligible countries around the globe. This may be the case for the next four(4) years, if the sponsored US Senate bill on proposed immigration reforms does not pass into law in this current year.

The first program was DV-1995, and the following 13 countries were ineligible from the start: Canada, China (mainland), Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam. Changes to the list of countries over the years include the following:

DV-1996: Colombia now ineligible.
DV-1998: Poland now ineligible.
DV-2002: Poland and Taiwan now eligible, Pakistan ineligible.
DV-2004: East Timor added, eligible.
DV-2005: Russia now ineligible.
DV-2007: Poland again ineligible.
DV-2008: Brazil and Peru now ineligible; Serbia and Montenegro listed separately, both eligible.
DV-2009: Ecuador and Guatemala now ineligible.
DV-2010: Russia now eligible; Kosovo added, eligible.
DV-2013: Poland again eligible, Bangladesh now ineligible; South Sudan added, eligible.
DV-2014: Guatemala again eligible.
**DV-2015: Nigeria become ineligible, as per the recently released 2012 immigration statistics.
Ninja brothers and sisters will now surely have to stay put in the country to salvage the nation together and effect a positive change....

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