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How to Check Npower Batch C Verification Status On NASIMS Portal | www.nasims.gov.ng


Npower Batch C Verification Status. After the successful announcement of Npower Batch C Verification process, many people have been founding it difficult to proceed. In this article we’ll give you guidelines on how to successfully verifie your status on NASIMS portal.

All Batch C Applicants are advised to visit their NASIMS Dashboard and check their Verification Status.

Please Note, the NPower Verification link is where all Applicants will click to check if they are Successfully shortlisted for Physical Screening and credentials verification.

How to Check Your Npower Batch C Verification Status 

1.      visit the https://nasims.gov.ng/login

2.      Login with the email and password you used during your Npower Registration

3.      Once you are logged in to the portal, click on the VERIFICATION link to view your status.

Once you click on the verification link in your Nasims portal dashboard, you will get the following response:

If you have been shortlisted, you will get a response like;

Congrats on passing the screening phase. We just want to verify some of your details and we will be good to go.

Once you get a Congratulatory message from Npower, please proceed to a nearby cybe cafe to do your BIOMETRIC VERIFICATION which is capturing your Fingerprint.

If you haven’t been shortlisted yet for NPower batch C, you will get a response like this;

You have not yet been shortlisted for the verification stage, Please check back later.

When you get a response like this, please don’t panic, carefully logout from the nasims portal and check back again after some time.

Expy Multimedia wish you success.

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